August: For His Glory

Isaiah’s prophecies are magnificent and terrifying, inspiring and convicting, alarming and assuring... Through prophetic prose we are introduced to a God who is truly awesome, independent, all-powerful, all-knowing, wholly just, passionately zealous, uncompromisingly righteous, and relentlessly faithful. 21st century spiritual and moral sensibilities must be challenged by Isaiah’s God. Is our God too small? Does our God play favorites? Is our God sovereignly ruling over history and current events? Does our God possess “national favorites”? Does God really care about how we treat the poor? Is there a “right” and “wrong” way to worship Him? What is He like? Can we know His character and His concerns? All this and more awaits us as we read through this magisterial prophecy... Surely, August will be a month where our vision of God will be challenged, our understanding grown, and our faith provoked... if it isn’t, we must be reading 2 different books!

NOTE: Click here for a simple introduction to Isaiah which you might find helpful... remember, you have already read Isaiah’s “history” as your read through 1/2 Kings and selections from 2 Chronicles last month! 

Click here to download a PDF of this month's readings.