February Bible Readings: Deliverance and Destiny

Prequels are popular. All of the super-hero films have felt obligated to to shoot their prequels as part of their “rebooting” a new cinema franchise and some are produced after the main adventure/story has already been presented. Genesis is the epic prequel for the epic narratives that follow in Exodus. Whereas Genesis is about the creation of the world. Exodus is about the creation of a nation.

     In Exodus we see how God takes a people whose entire existence was defined by slavery. Their culture, mentality, relationships, worldview were shaped by slavery. Their labor did not contribute to their own culture, expansion, innovation, or wealth. They existed solely to benefit their owner-oppressors. 

     When God hears the cry of His people and delivers them through the Red Sea to Sinai we begin to witness more than the “birth of a nation”. At Sinai we witness the “creation of a nation” that has been set from Pharaoh and set free for God. Here, at Sinai, God reviews their history, creates culture (art, clothing, structure), establishes government, sets laws, defines justice, and commands worship. He attacks and addresses the slave mentality that must be eliminated if this people are to express God’s vision for them.

     As we read Exodus we learn about God’s character, grace, righteousness, patience, justice, and discipline. We also witness an epic case-study in faith, obedience, repentance, double-mindedness, fear, atonement, freedom, and judgement. Do not be afraid to let this narrative challenge and provoke your faith and relationship with God. There is a lot for us to learn here...

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