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A "Ruined Life" happens when 
our lives are disrupted,
   our passions redirected,
      our egos defeated,
   our perspectives are discipled, and
our strengths and talents are wholly devoted to another...

Romans is written by a man whose life was ruined by Jesus. This experience of "RUIN" allows Paul to address the pastoral challenges facing this young church in their faith and life together so that God may RAISE UP from RUIN a community whose faith, strength, character, and love can reach a world that is normally conquered only by empires.

In this letter we learn about God– Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. We learn about who we are and how to live with strength, integrity, love, meaningful relationships, and the value of community. In Romans we learn that out of RUIN rises lives that are relevant, compelling, and life-giving.

This week's sermon:

The Vocabulary of the RUINED

Every job, people, culture possesses a unique vocabulary. The RUINED followers of Jesus have a vocabulary too. Words borrowed from life that describe our encounter and experience with Jesus.


Romans in 2 Translations: This PDF resource is the entire Letter to the Romans using 2 Bible translations presented side-by-side. The 2 translations used are :

  • the New American Standard 1995 edition is an essentially literal (word for word) translation of the original languages.
  • The New Living Translation 2nd Edition is a "thought for thought" translation of the original languages

both are published here by permission of the their publishers... Click here to view/download this pdf to view on your computer or tablet or phone!

Resource Notebook Supplements: For those who have the Resource Notebook and wish to update it with the latest supplement pages you can click here to view/download.

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