ETC. - the rest of life

This week we introduced our summer series with a "10 minute" infomercial that we did not record... Here is the gist of it!

Look at the pie chart on the left. This is a picture of the hours we spend sleeping, eating, driving, working, surfing the web, watching TV, and exercising...  (you can read the article here or follow this link to a google query to access more articles). So what are we to make of the :"normal" life we all share in common? Does God care about the activities that fill our normal lives? Is it possible that there might be an organic interrelationship among our weekly activities of work, rest, sleep, play, friendship, worship, reading, ETC? Is it possible that there is a big picture that we are missing that will create a life-giving framework? One approach is surely unacceptable: it is not our task to simply and unthinkingly "baptize" the ordinary and call it good. Instead, we have the opportunity to embrace a radical alternative -- to possess an extraordinary perspective on the ordinary that is informed and inspired by the promise, power, and presence of God in our lives. ETC - the rest of life is our summer series that will explore these themes...

This summer we are also offering seminars that will support this series and give us an opportunity to experience and discover that embedded in our ordinary is the opportunity to learn, discover, overcome, and thrive. We will be offering summer seminars on personal finance, creativity, culinary design, fitness, nutrition, fitness, personal performance (learning what habits allow us to thrive), discovering your strengths, and how to study the Bible. Check back here on July 5 to sign up online. These seminars have limited capacity and will fill up fast!

This week we recognize dads and grads. As we do so we recognize that learning never ends and we wouldn't want it any other way. To stop learning is to stop living.

Click to download a PDF of this week's slides.